Tanzania Millions of Trees Project



Planting trees is really about planting hope   This was the vision of Mr. Wilbert Magellanga, Tanzania Millions of  Trees project champion until his sudden death in 2012.  Planting trees plants hope for a future where parents and families are able to afford sending their children to secondary school.  Planting trees plants hope for a future with a healthy environment through reforestation.

Our goal is to plant Millions of Trees throughout the Iringa Diocese of Tanzania, primarily on the grounds of the seven secondary schools.  Within 10 to 15 years these trees can be harvested to sell for lumber that will pay for scholarships, new building projects and other needs of the schools.  For each tree that is harvested funds will be allocated for the planting of new tree seedlings.  This will become a self-sustaining project with a positive economic and ecological impact for the whole region for years to come.  This project is part of the dynamic ministry partnership called bega kwa bega (shoulder to shoulder) of the St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA.

Project Update

  • March 2011, 85,000 seedlings planted in the first year.
  • March 2012, 175,000 seedlings planted in the second year.
  • March 2013, 250,000 seedlings planted in the third year.

They need your support  The hardworking people in the Iringa Diocese of Tanzania have everything they need to make this project a success … everthing except for the financial resources to pay for the raw materials and workers to plant and tend 250,000 seedlings a year.

You can make a difference  Please consider making a donation to the “Millions of  Trees Project’.  Just think, $10 plants 100 trees.  Spread the word and encourage others to make donations as well.  Asante sana!  Thank you for your support.  Checks, made out to the St. Paul Area Synod, memo line “Tanzania Tree Project”, can be sent to the synod at 105 University Avenue West, St. Paul, MN 55103.

Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud 952-454-6927, pastor.kent@christusvictor.org

Dr. Dave Klevan 651-227-3837, David.H.Klevan@HealthPartners.com