Illegal Money Maker Business

As a tourist you may have experienced few of unhappy moments in certain places that you’ve visited. One of the popular scam that is happening a lot these days is the Ayahuasca Healings Scam. This brand new concept of scam is going to take your attention. Probably you will not realize that actually someof criminals use this kind of healing process as their new scam strategy. As we all know that every year in Peru many of tourists from around the world come to visit the places that provide this ayahuasca healing treatment.
Most of people who come to Peru will look for more information and offers from some of places that give the service of this ayahuasca healing treatment. If you have lack of knowledge about this healing treatment you can be a potential target for those criminals. They can play yourmind with some of psychedelic tricks. They will ask you few of questions and pretend as if they don’t know a lot of thing about the ayahuasca treatment. Later, they will ask you to follow their words such as going to the place that is trusted based on their experience. You may not know if those criminals are real tourists or just a group of thieves.
They can make up a story in order to gain your trust easily. They will never ask for your money or grab your wallet out of your suitcases instantly. In a common situation they have already made a big plan to trap their target into their scam method. You must stay alert all the time, perhaps you see that the local people in Peru are very friendly and you never realize that they can be a serious problem in your life. They will play a scam game that you will not recognize by the first time you meet them in the streets.