What Is The Purpose Of Your Software Development?

You can gain more info about software development and its quality assurance when you call Qulix Company. There are two ways of looking at software development. The first is the view of quality and all things related to the final product and what benefits can be obtained from the final product. While others are viewed from how many lessons can be obtained from a series of processes in making software and whether reciprocity can be given to many people.

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Most of the big companies in the world are more active in having the view of “software development as a goal”. They want to benefit directly from their software products, whether material or not. Until the desired benefits are realized, the process of building software can be considered as a drain on company resources.

Whereas, on the other hand, individuals who work for most companies will mostly have the view that “software development is a series of trips”. Developers or programmers want to enjoy their work, by learning as much as possible, they want a more dynamic interaction with the latest technology, so they don’t feel far behind the “fresh graduates”. Most of them also want to build lines of code that can be proud of and shared with their community.

Perhaps this is why the software development industry has recently found it difficult to find employees and difficult to maintain its employees, especially those who are junior employees. In this case, the company wants to focus on the destination and wants to get to the destination as quickly as possible. The faster they arrive at the destination, the faster the profits are obtained, the faster the profits are obtained, the faster the company will replace the money they spend in the “process” of making software. In effect, companies can work on new software with stable funding. Everything that blocks their speed will certainly be marginalized, including developers or programmers who want to enjoy “travel”, see the sights, and play a little in achieving an end product.

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