You Must Know Various Locking Systems Before You Choose Electric Key

Electric key offers a simpler access control system. It is just like the ordinary door handle, but it has electrical locking support. With a design that is not too prominent and an easy system, this electric lock is suitable for use by household use. If you want the electric key, you must be sure that your locksmiths of cardiff provide the installation, maintenance, and repair service. You must know these things before you choose an electric key.

The magnetic lock is a locking system that uses a magnetic system. Magnets are designed with pairs so that they attract each other in a particular design so that the locking process will occur. This magnetic system has several disadvantages. This is because the locking system does not rely on physical devices. The magnetic system will be risky in the event of a power outage, this is because the magnetic lock does not store power for a long time.

An electric strike is a door lock system using latching solenoid as its main device. Selenoid latching is a lock consisting of a long tubular wire coil with very tight turns. A wire is shaped like a spiral, hereinafter referred to as a coil, when an electric current flows it will function as a bar magnet.

Fail-safe is a locking system that occurs when there is an electric current and will open if there is no electric current. Fail-safe can also be called the open file. The way it works is almost the same as a magnetic key. If there is a power failure, the door will open when pushed or pulled. The fail-safe unit always operates with direct current.

Secure email is a system that will make the door locked if the lights are off or the opposite of fail-safe. The key can still be opened using a mechanical key system, using a key. Often also called fail locked or not fail-safe.

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