You Should Cover Your Electric Socket At Home To Protect Your Children

The socket is generally located near the floor and can be reached by children. The placement of an easy-to-reach socket plus the child’s curiosity is great, allowing the little one to play the socket hole. It would be nice if you install the socket cover to protect your child from the danger of being electrocuted. Meanwhile, you can also call the best ls electrician when you need to do a thorough inspection of your electrical installation at home.

Here are various types of socket cover products that you can choose as needed:

Tamper Resistant Receptacle:

The Tamper-Resistant Receptacle is an outlet that has a hole cover made of plastic and spring, which will open if both holes are pierced simultaneously (such as when you are plugging a plug in a socket). Because a young child has not been able to press both holes together, he cannot plug something into the socket outlet. The National Electrical Code makes the installation of Tamper Resistant Receptacle a standard electrical requirement for homes built after 2008.

In some countries, receptacle tamper resistant is known as a socket with child protection. Choose a socket with national standard certified child protection.

 Child Proof Electrical Outlet Cap

Childproof electrical outlet cap is a socket outlet that is made of plastic with a flat surface, making it difficult for small children to hold/open. If the child cannot put something in the socket outlet, he is safe.

The installation method is very easy, just insert the cap outlet pin into the socket outlet. If you want to use a socket, you can just pull out the outlet cap from the socket.

Baby Safe Electrical Outlet Cover

The baby safe electrical outlet cover or safe plate is a front cover socket that has a sliding spring mechanism, which prevents small children from sticking something into the socket outlet.

How to use the baby safe electrical outlet cover is very easy, just insert the plug pin into the outlet hole, then slide it to the position of the socket outlet. The outlet cover will return to its original position if you unplug the plug from the socket.

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